Thursday, February 25, 2010


Written by Claudia Muñoz Robles
The first time I met Mr. Russell Harwood was when I was 9-years old and he was the Head of Delegation of the U.S. chess team that participated in the North American Youth Chess Championship in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He witnessed as I won the gold medal and won my Woman Candidate Master title. Ever since, we have been guests at his home when I have participated in tournaments that the University of Texas Brownsville held or sponsored. It was through him that I met GM Gilberto Hernandez of Mexico who has been a friend of my family.
During the TEXAS SCHOLASTIC STATE CHAMPIONSHIP, I saw Mr. Russell Harwood once again and I simply wanted to thank him for what he has done for chess in Texas and for being friends of my family. It is no secret that when I grow-up I would like to be a part of the UTB Chess Team, only if Mr. Harwood is still heading the chess program.
If he is not then I will be going to the same institution my older sister will be attending - Harvard University. So, its Mr. Russell Harwood and UTB or Harvard University for me when I grow-up.

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