Thursday, October 21, 2010

Claudia wins against the Netherlands in round 1 of the 2010 WYCC in Porto Carras, Greece

Claudia V. Munoz – Mother of WCM Munoz – Team USA
2010 World Youth Chess Championship in Greece

AFTER THE FIRST ROUND – After a 4-hour, 40 move game against Catheleijne Sanders of the Netherlands, Claudia won her first round game playing black. Our day started like any other day. We woke up early and exercised followed by breakfast. My husband called us at noon in order to inform Claudia who he thought she was going to play. He was not wrong being that the pairings were not yet published.

We prayed and read the Bible, which is part of our mental and emotional training and then proceeded to the tournament hall. In the morning we were really blessed as we saw a RAINBOW, it has a special significance for our family and it really made our day.Once the first round started we knew it was time for Claudia to take that step of faith and continue on her journey. She took 45 minutes just for the first 15 moves. Fours later, on the 40th move she won her first World Youth Chess Championship point.

I was standing outside the tournament hall with the mother of Justus Williams when I saw her come my way.

She gave me thumbs up and then did a little jump as we hugged.

We were so happy!

We know it is only one point, but at this level one must savor every blessing from above as this tournament will be long, but we know God will give us temperance to live through this.

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