Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Chess is not everything!

I cannot believe I just wrote that.

During the past six-years that Claudia has been playing chess, she has made friends along her travels. Case in point is Anna Wyzywany, whom she met last year at the ALL GIRLS NATIONAL in Dallas, Texas and who is an avid reader of this blog. She is also in the picture above with Claudia. Anna is from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Granted that Claudia has never played chess in that state, she has a friend that posts in this blog and will call her during a tournament. Our daughter has been a role model to them in several areas. We appreciate their friendship and hope soon to be in their neck of the woods competing in some rated event.

Mike Tubbs from Lawton, Oklahoma is another Claudia well-wisher and supporter. If you closely at the map, you will find Lawton north of Wichita Falls, where our family lives at this moment. Although Lawton is across state lines, an hour away, from Wichita Falls, Mike was gracious enough to drive down to give our daughter a book as a present: MODERN CHESS OPENINGS. Claudia will put the book to immediate good use as she is commuting weekly to the Dallas Chess Club.
God always puts people like Mike in our lives and we truly appreciate it.

Last but not least, we recognize Wichita Falls native and Texas Tech student Zachary Haskin who visits this blog to always leave an encouraging word for Claudia. He also lived through the weekly commutes from Wichita Falls to Dallas. His weekly posts in this blog are always a blessing.
Behind every successful chess player there are supporting parents who have nutured the child´s growth; however, behind every nuturing parent there is a group of friends that provide the emotional strength to continue forward.
12-year old WCM Claudia Muñoz is going to make many more friends by the time she becomes an 18-year old, college bound GM Claudia Muñoz - but we will never forget those that became our friends in the early years.
Translated into English ¨THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL¨


Zachary Haskin said...

I'm quite flattered to see that; I certainly didn't expect it! It's awesome to see somebody young in WF really diving deep into the game, and at a level we have never seen before at such a young age. Keep working hard and aim high! (and when I come back to WF for the summer I will definitely want to play a few games) :)

Ken said...

thanks so much you are a great friend see you soon hope you do well this weekend anna

WCM Claudia Munoz said...


Thanks for the post. I´m going back to Dallas this weekend and then I´m taking a 2-week break in order for deep analysis and then back to Dallas.

Maybe I should move to Dallas?

I read GM Susan Polgar´s blog about the new SP Invitational. Maybe she will invite me. I might see you in Lubbock.


Zachary Haskin said...

Well I will be back in Wichita Falls by mid-May and through June (in july and august I will be working at a christian camp in tyler, texas, and then back to tech). Hopefully you will qualify for the program though!

Anonymous said...


God bless you, I am Claudia´s dad. Thanks for posting. Claudia usually goes to Church camp in Byers but this year, for the first time in a long time she might not go.

She will be in town in May when you get out of school. She will take off in June and half of July to Mexico and return to Texas if she qualifies or gets invited to the SP Invitational. She has qualified for the last two years. We anticipate it might happen again.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Blessing on your college endeavors.

Also, visit us on Claudia´s Spanish blog which is HIGH TRAFFIC.


Claudia is extremely well known in Latin America for her achievements in Mexican chess when she lived. She won everything there was to win, State Championship 5-years without losing a game, Champion 3-years of Northeastern Mexico Champion without losing a game (regionals), Mexican National Champion 2008, Mexican Open Bronce medal in her category, etc, etc,

He Spanish language blog is the most visited chess blog in Mexico, the numbers support our claim. Everything that happens in her chess career in Texas in known through out Mexico, since 10 other Latin American blogs have links with it.

Take care!


Zachary Haskin said...

Que excelente porque yo estoy especializando en espanol en la universidad. Lo voy a leer en espanol tambien para que yo mejore mis capacidades. Gracias! (con esta computadora no puedo hacer los accentos correctamente)