Monday, August 24, 2009


With an unmatched drive unequal to any children in the world, our daughter's Faith (8th grader) and Claudia Munoz (6th grader) woke-up before dawn to prepare themselves for school year 2009. The smile on their faces as they opened their eyes in bed would have made a dentist happy!

As they walked around the house they were singing in unisons "TODAY WE GO BACK TO SCHOOL" over and over. By the time we woke-up they were completely dressed and waiting at the door with their backpacks and a cup of coffee for us - two lumps of sugar instead of one.

When we intended to give them money for lunch, they refused stating that this was one of the reasons they baby-sat the entire summer and washed our cars.

By now, you figured out that this entire setting is somewhat inflated, but they were excited and no, they did not sing around the house the "school song." Yet, they are marvelous and awesome daughters.

We pray that your children will have a safe and blessed school year 2009-2010.

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Faith Munoz Robles said...

I look weird in that picture!!!jijiji i was just laughing so hard that when he took the picture i wasnt ready...anyway