Sunday, September 13, 2009


This Sunday update is to keep the members of the USCF team that will participate in the North American Youth Championship 2009, informed. Monday morning, I will be talking to Mr. Raul Hernandez, President of Mexican Chess Federation in order to follow-up on his instructions from Saturday's phone call concerning the hotel's no vacany issue.

Last night Beatrice Marinello and I spoke so both of us are on the same page with a solution-based strategy.

I will attempt to receive clarification from Mr. Raul Hernandez that out of 60 rooms booked for this event, that 13 be destined for the U.S. Official Representatives and Head of Delegation as well as the Canada's Official Representatives and their Head of Delegation, since we received an email of assistance from the Canadian Chess Federation.

Also, during the morning, I will be contacting two other hotels in the immediate area in order to broker a respectable deal for the remaining Americans that cannot book a room at the Hotel Olas Atlas Inn.

Therefore, be checking this site for the latest news.

I also, wanted to inform our readers that I have a friend who lives in Mazatlan, he is the owner of, it's a Mexican chess blog. David Magana and I have been in contact and I have requested his assistance in Mazatlan if needed. His father serves on the city's organizing committee.

Last but not least, before any form of frustration may set upon you because of hotel issues, or registration issues or any form of issues, this is what a parent lives through when it comes to international tournaments. With growth comes obstacles, its parents like us that pave the way for our children.

I speak as a parent.

Abed Munoz
USCF Head of Delegation
North American Youth Championship 2009