Sunday, September 27, 2009


I know you were waiting for an Antonio Banderas look alike but instead you got me and the woman next to me is not one of my daughters - she is my wife. I know, I'm a "crib robber" but you can't blame a guy for marrying someone younger, I call it "a blessing". Leaving all joking aside, I want to thank each one of you for putting up with me and my endless emails these last three weeks, I promise that once this is over, you will only get one additional email from me - a thank you note.

We are Abed and Claudia Munoz. We have been married for almost 15-years, we own are own business and we homeschool at the same time. We are a Chrisitan couple who enjoys serving God and raising our children. I am a marketing major, public speaker and a business consultant. My wife is an English teacher and basically puts up with me.

Both Claudia and I will be at the airport waiting for the arrival of both the American and Canadian teams. This picture should help you identify us. However, we will not be alone.

This is Faith and Claudia Munoz, our daughters. Faith, although still in Junior High, wants to attend Harvard when she finishes high school, she loves to sing and do crafts. She has an excellent writing talent. She will be at the airport with us waiting for your arrival. The other girl in the picture is Claudia, the chess player. She is a 6th grader, she loves chess, then chess and also some more chess. She is an extremly happy girl and loves to say "I am sorry," constantly. She will also be at the airport welcoming the delegations.
Both our daughters are perfect bilingual and will assist you with any language needs, especially Faith, who has been assigned to go with any parent that will be leaving the hotel in order to provide translating services. My wife also will provide translating services for any parent that requires help because once the tournament starts, I will be focusing on the players.
We are happy to be a part not only of your life but also of the lives of the entire American and Canadian delegation. We believe that as our children get older we will build lasting friendships.

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