Saturday, September 12, 2009


3:00 P.M.

David Zang, father of Winston Zang, sent me email where he states that their were no vacancies at the Olas Atlas Inn in Mazatlan, Mexico. Immediately, I called the hotel and spoke with the Lorena, who is the hotel laison with the organizers. She informed me that the Mexican Chess Federation (FENAMAC) had appointed 60 rooms for this event, the hotel has 80 rooms total. However, the remaining rooms are booked for the hotel's own guests, prior to this event.

Lorena provided me with two cell phone number for Mr. Raul Hernandez, President of the Mexican Chess Federation. I spoke with him and he personally assured me that he would look into this situation. He asked me to call him Monday morning.

Nevertheless, I called Beatriz Marinello in order to touch base with her on this situation, although she was unavailable, I am waiting for her call.

The Hotel Olas Atlas Inn, recommended that we contact the Howard Johnson or the Agua Marina Hotel which is close the Olas Atlas Inn.

Needless to say, by Tuesday morning we should have a solution to this issue. Have faith and believe that we will provide several options.

For those that will be official representatives, I am sure that 12 of the 60 rooms seperated by the FENAMAC are for this purpose. For those that have experience in international chess tournaments know this is part of what is often faced.

Please keep checking this site for additional information.

Abed Munoz
USCF Head of Delegation


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