Saturday, July 25, 2009


A day before leaving to the "Susan Polgar Invitational 2009" in Lubbock, WCM Claudia Munoz as well as yours truly received a shot in the arm as we noticed that our daughter gained some more ground in the under 13 - top -100 U.S.C.F. rating list.

As some know, as Americans living in Mexico, it was quite difficult for us to get our daughter to the states to play continually in rated events, so every tournament on U.S. soil counts (Claudia has only played 9-tournaments in the states).

It is for this reason that in January, Claudia will return to school in the United States in order to focus on her tournament play. Currently, Claudia is U.S. curriculum homeschooled here in Mexico, while crossing the border weekly to Del Rio, Texas in order to fulfill her P.E. requirements at Laughlin Airforce Base.

As of 60-days ago, Claudia was in the 50th spot in the 13 and under top 100 list, although she is barely 11 years old, however after two back to back tournaments, she climbed 12 more slots to place her in the 38th position.

When compared to other 11-year old girls, Claudia is ranked number 8 in the United States.

As a Hispanic, Claudia is the top rated player, in the under 13 category, in the nation by over an enormous margin of 30 slots.

We feel we could have done better had we moved Claudia back to the United States several years ago, especially after she won the gold medal for the United States in the North American Youth Championship 2007, along with her FIDE title as "WOMAN CANDIDATE MASTER" and a becoming the official representative of the USA to the Pan American Youth Championship in Argentina.

These statistics simply validated a job well done in Claudia's life and surely she will focus in the "Susan Polgar Invitational 2009", which by the way, minutes ago she departed along with my wife to Lubbock, Texas.

Staying behind to "bring home the bacon" is yours truly and my oldest daughter, Faith Abigail Munoz, who also played in the Susan Polgar Invitational last year along with her sister.

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