Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mazatlan, Mexico

The Bible states that their is a time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to teardown and a time to rebuild. We had been mourning my mother's passing for eight weeks and as we deposited her ashes on the banks of the Rio Chico in Durango, as the leader of my family I decided to embark on the road of celebrate my mother's life.

As we reached the road joining Durango with the state of Sinaloa, we made a right turn and proceeded to Mazatlan.

I had not been in Mazatlan since my college days - and no, not spring break days, I was a milk drinking cookie eating college student. It was time 20-years later to return to the city that I had fallen in love with in my youth.

As we reached Mazatlan at nightfall, the following day we proceeded to board a ship that took us to several islands off the coast. Later we made it to Rock Island, "Isla de la Piedra", where we spent the majority of our day.

We rode the banana into the ocean and swam as a family on its beautiful sands. The picture above is of the island, I just mentioned.

Later we returned to our hotel in Mazatlan Proper in order to rest and go sightseeing, which leads me to a tourist tradition, which I will go into detail in my next post: SENOR FROG's.

I apologize for only including one picture today, I will try to post several later, so you can partake of the beautiful Mazatlan resort.

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