Sunday, July 5, 2009


The bridge you see in the following picture is located in Rio Chico, Durango, Mexico - deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre. As you read in the past post, my mother passed away May 5, 2009, due to complications deriving from a stroke.

Twenty-nine years ago, as we traveled by train through the region of Durango where she had grown-up as a child, upon the train stopping in the middle of the bridge, my mother told me that when she passed away, I was to bring her ashes to the banks of the Rio Chico River.

This weekend we set-off on this memorable journey to fulfill her last will. However, I wrote an 11-page account of our journey for our sister Spanish-language blog at:,

We invite those that can understand Spanish go to the link provided for you in order to be informed about our long journey. It was emotional for me writing publishing the account in order to translate my work into English.

The reason we posted in our Spanish language blog is due to the amount of traffic on it, it has 51,000 hits in just 10-months as our daughter, WCM Claudia Munoz has a following in Latin American.

May you enjoy the pictures and the acccount.

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