Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Mazatlan, Mexico

It is our second day in this gorgeous Mexican beach resort city. The picture above was taken from a yacht as we traveled through several islands off the coast of Maztlan.

Like every important port city, Mazatlan has an aquariam with several aquatic shows. We were honored in watching the sea lion show. These sea creatures make the voyage every year from the Canadian coast to Mazatlan, where they stay from November to late March before they return back home. These stayed behind due to age and were trained by the aquariam, eventually after two years they are released back into the wild.

We also saw the bird's show. Several species of birds performing to a captive audience. I learned that female birds are smarter than male birds. Go figure!

We took a break from our vacation to listen to several local real estate offers. This particular negotiation got very interesting since we were close to closing on one particular deal that would have given us an investment in a vacation home in Mazatlan. You can see the representative and I looking over some numbers. Although, Mazatlan is in Mexico, real estate business deals are handled in U.S. dollares.

At night we had to go to Senor Frog's one last time. To the left of this young waiter is WCM Claudia Munoz, in pink, and to the right is my oldest daughter Faith - who had a crush on him.

The waiter realizing that Faith had a crush on him, did all he could to give our daughter a nice memory.

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