Thursday, July 30, 2009


APURVA VIRKUD consumed several hours of my coaching time with Claudia last night. Although Apurva’s rating was 1688, she was able in the 4th round to draw high

school student – Linda Diaz of New York.

Therefore, after working some lines that might unexpectedly pop-up, since Claudia was playing black and we knew that Apurva would play 1.d4 with white, I sent my daughter to bed.

At 4:30 p.m., both Apurva from Michigan and Claudia from Texas – agreed to a draw after a three hour long fought game.

After the game, Apurva shared with Claudia that they had visited her Spanish language blog in order to analyze her games. Our sister blog,, is a high traffic website with close to 60,000 visitors in the last 10-months since its creation. Due to the amount of visitors in that website, we publish each and every one of her games there.

This current blog was recently designed in June.

Tomorrow will be the last round of the Susan Polgar Invitational 2009; Claudia currently has two wins, two draws and only one loss. Tomorrow she will be facing Julia Jones (1856) who recently graduated from High School and will be attending the University of Texas Brownsville on a chess scholarship.

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