Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When the parings went up last night, once again I was concerned about Claudia's opponent, Hannah Warren of Alaska. The reason for my concern, was that Hannah, although rated over 1000 points, accomplished the unthinkable in the first round, she defeated a 1672 rated player only to draw with an 1821 in the second round. She lost to Ephipany in the 3rd round, but goodness, it was her third over 1600-rated player she faced.

As I analized two of her games, which obviously is not enough to make a proper profile of her, I did notice her style was unorthodox.

I needed for Claudia not to take Hannah lightly but to give her the respect she deserved.

An hour and fifteen minutes after the game started, Claudia gained her second win of the tournament, giving her 2.5/4

Regardless of the outcome, I did research some information about Alaska. I found it to be a mysterious place worthy of a good vacation.

The pictures I was able to see of this beautiful state lets me know that Hannah lives an a gorgeous place.

We thank Hannah for the opportunity in share with Claudia an experience with her over the chessboard.

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