Saturday, April 3, 2010


WCM Claudia Muñoz in Deep Analysis
DETERMINATION: The act of making or arriving at a decision, the quality of being resolute or firm in a purpose. The decision or pronouncement made. The ascertaining or establishing of the extent, quality, position, or character of something - THE RESULT OF SUCH ASCERTAINING.

Last night was a tough night for Claudia as she lost the first two rounds of the Friday Night Swiss. The most difficult pill to swallow was that for the first time in 2010, she lost to a lower rated player. That had not happened in a long time. The road to 1800, for the time being is on pause as Claudia will take two weeks off from tournament play to undergo game analysis and modification to get her train marching again.

The beauty of playing any sport is that losing, in the proper atmosphere, always creates character and builds a winning attitude.

For the next two weeks, as each game is properly studied, additional information will be added to her cerebral database that will assist her on her endeavor.

We are proud of our daughter and her determination to climb to the top of her sport.

Claudia will be back on the commuting road to Dallas, April 23-25 as she will play in four rated events in three days - the road on to 1800 should be reached on that day.

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