Thursday, April 8, 2010

Statistical and Financial Report - WCM Claudia Muñoz - March 2010

We have never seen in any chess web page or chess blog an actual statistical and financial report on the endeavors of a chess player. Usually, these reports are only published by the USCF or State Affiliates, but never by an average chess player or chess playing family.

We are about to change that.

We believe that it is important, as a blog, to provide parents with deeper insight to what it actually means for us, statistically and financially, to be a chess parent. In our Spanish language chess blog, we annually provide such a report to our readers, however, we have determined to provide such a report monthly, simultaneously, in both, for the United States and, for our Latin American readers.

Claudia commuted 1,680 miles between Wichita Falls and Dallas, Texas during March 1-31.
She participated in 6-rated events, five of which were USCF and one was FIDE rated. She played in 29 rounds, spending an average of one hour per game. She started the month rated 1562 and by March 31, she was at 1720. Her rating has still not caught up with her but you can see it in her tournament history section.

Her 6-tournaments and 1,680 mile commute, had the price tag of $685 dollars, of which $85 were on tournament entry fees. Claudia volunteered to pay her entry fees with the money she won at the Dallas Chess Club during March. We applaude her for investing on her on chess career.

Claudia has maintained an ¨A¨ average in school during this month as she is a 6th grader at City View in Wichita Falls, Texas. She also studies chess about 10-hours per week on average.

Not only did Claudia´s rating increase 158-points during March, her ranking also jumped from 38th place to 25th on the USCF´s under -13 girls list. She is still the highest rated Hispanic girl on such list.
We thank God for protecting our family during these commutes and for giving us the fortitude to overcome every obstacle that has come our way, especially during 2009.

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