Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So much for the questions that we had about the SPGI 2010. Last night before going to bed, I posted the previous article where I expressed my personal views on the SPGI 2010, this morning when I checked my emails, GM Susan Polgar answered my questions. I want to thank Susan for taking the time to answer not only my questions but also that of every parent.

We all realize that this is hard work on her behalf.

Here are my questions with her answers, which surely will help every other parent who had the same questions.

In a message dated 4/6/2010 1:14:15 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

1. I imagine you will place the girls by ratings in your training? Correct? Reason I ask is because usually 15 or so of your SPNI players were over 1700 rated and the majority under 1500. Claudia just turned 12 years old and is now 1700. If she were to attend she will probably be over 1800, which usually that is a small group at the past SPNI´s

Correct, the girls will be separated by their levels.

2. Also some girls have international experience while others have never played outside their states, so girls can contribute with knowledge and experience. Will an intake form be used in order to classify players?

We will use mostly rating to define the groups. This training is about helping the girls understand chess from a different perspective.

3. Who will the coaching staff be that will assist you?

Depending on the number of girls attending. We do not know until we know how many will register. However, I will rotate to work with all of them.

4. When the children and teenagers arrive to their training sessions, surely the parents will not be present? Correct.


5. Since in reality this is a SUSAN POLGAR CHESS SCHOOL, will the students take laptops, or any special items with them?

While the girls are welcome to bring their laptops to the SPGI - they will NOT use it much during the training if at all. The idea is for them to work things out on their own.

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The only remaining issue, as a parent, is the perception of the SPECIAL INVITATIONS as being somewhat of a different class of player for not having gone through the regular qualifying process. We do not want to take the spot or the opportunity from a girl that went through the qualifying process. We will wait and see before making a decision.

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