Thursday, April 22, 2010

Claudia is in Dallas, Texas to participate in 4-rated events in three days

After a two week resting period, Claudia is back on the road to Dallas, Texas to participate in her busiest chess weekend ever. She will be competing in 4-rated events in three days. Although many would consider this tiring, after several National Chess Events, North American Youth Championships and a Pan American Youth Championship in Argentina, where there are several long games per day, Claudia is up to the challenge.

Claudia will also be participating in a photography shooting session for her upcoming new website,, which is under contruction and will be operational in May.

On another subject, this was the first time in 3-years that Claudia did not participate in the ALL GIRLS NATIONAL, which this year was held in Ohio. We congratulate Virkud Apurva for her 1st place win in the Under 12 section. Claudia and Virkud Apurva drew in the 5th round of the 2009 SUSAN POLGAR NATIONAL INVITATIONAL. We provide you the link to that article.

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