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By Abed
I think that the new format for the SPGI 2010 is an ambitious, bold and well thought program. It was about time that a high rated woman, with GM Susan Polgar´s credentials, took such a positive step for girls chess in the United States.
Like all new programs, there are numerous questions and concerns, since this is different from the former SPNI format. I, personally, as the father of WCM Claudia Muñoz, supports this new endeavor in girls chess. However, like most people, I have questions like all the rest. I have sent them to GM Susan Polgar and as soon as I hear from her, I surely will be better informed.
My questions are:
1. Will the girls be seperated by ratings since not all participants are of equal strength?
2. How many coaching groups will be formed?
3. How many girls per group?
4. Surely the parents will not be allowed in the coaching sessions, right?
5. Will the stronger and more internationally experienced girls provide insightful experience to those that are new in girls chess?
I think these are my basic questions.
However, I did notice that a lot of emphasis was placed on the manner in which the past SPNI were treated as SPECIAL INVITATIONS. I perceived, and I do restate, I perceived, that the past SPNI participants seemed to be viewed as not in the same status as the current qualifiers.
Somewhat like not being a full participant. Some comments in Susan Polgar´s blog stated that the SPNI past participants were not eligible for the same prizes and even for a moment I seemed to understand like there would be a seperate tournament for them. However, I think I simply perceived that. It is because of Susan Polgar´s past SPNI´s and the past SPNI girls that there even is a present SPGI, so surely it must have been a matter of perception what I thought I understood.
Perception and reality are not the same when reading off a computer screen.
Claudia participated in the 2008, SPNI because she won the Susan Polgar National Open by going undefeated, 60'days after having won the gold medal for the United States and her FIDE Title as WOMAN CANDIDATE MASTER at the North American Youth Chess Championship in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
In 2009, Claudia received a special invitation to participate in the SPNI. I said then as I say now, we would never want to take the place of person who should be in the SPGI 2010.
I would not want for any child to feel that she should not be in the SPGI 2010, because they received a special invitation and did not participate in qualifying event. We did not participate this year in any of the SPNO tournaments because Claudia has made the Dallas Chess Club her base of operations as she has made a sizeable rating jump in just 6-weeks. Every week she has been commuting 300 miles roundtrip just to play in rated events.
I guess that as more information is provided the picture will become clearer. As for now, we support GM Susan Polgar´s endeavor, whether Claudia participates or not, because anyone who supports girls chess is simply our friend and deserves our admiration.
Rules and Conditions for the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational (SPGI)
July 25 – 30, 2010 at Texas Tech University (TTU) in Lubbock, Texas
The annual Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational, the most prestigious all-girls event in the United States, will be held at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The opening ceremony will be at 1:00 PM on July 25. There will be a brand new format this year.

• Instead of a six day tournament, there will be a five day intense world class training program with Susan Polgar, followed by a 6 round G/30 championship tournament.
• The traditional Blitz, Puzzle Solving, Bughouse events will stay the same as previous years.
• There will be many prizes awarded, including scholarship(s) to Texas Tech University. Each state is allowed one representative. Official representative alternates may be substituted no later than June 15. (Susan Polgar and/or the new Polgar Committee may allow the host state to enter an additional qualified player.) Susan Polgar and/or the new Polgar Committee ( may allow exceptions to the June 1 entry/alternate deadline. Should the state affiliate fail to respond to the notice for this tournament, Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee may determine the candidate from that state. Players must be under the age of 19 as of August 15th of the year in which the tournament is held. Players must have been enrolled in a school (up to 12th grade) located in the state they represent, also of the year in which the tournament is held.
Home-schooled students who are under the age of 19 on August 15th of the year in which the event is held or students who have never attended college on a full time basis prior to June 1 of the year in which the tournament is held, are eligible to represent the state in which they reside. Proof of eligibility will be the responsibility of the players and of the state official certifying the representative and alternate.
Exception: If a player graduates from high school early and is already attending college, she may still represent her state if nominated. This is the decision of each state affiliate. Players already enrolled in college are not eligible to receive the scholarship. In such cases scholarship(s) go to the next tournament winner.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The participants of the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational DO NOT have to be high school students. Any qualifier under the age of 19 (by August 15th of the year in which the tournament is held) is eligible! Players are required to furnish the organizer an emergency phone number and the e-mail address of a parent/guardian.
There is no fee to participate in the 2010 SPGI; however, players are responsible for their own travel, room and meal expenses. If players choose to stay and/or dine on TTU’s campus, inexpensive accommodations are available.
Please note that all reservations and registrations MUST be made (and accommodation expenses prepaid) no later than June 15, 2010. Trophies / plaques will be awarded to the winners of the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational Puzzle Solving Championship, Blitz Championship, and the Rapid Championship.
The player with the highest combined score in the Puzzle Solving, Blitz and Rapid will be crowned the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational Grand Champion. Co-champions are recognized in the case of a tie, with each champion receiving a Grand Champion’s Plaque or Trophy. The Grand Champion (or Co-Champions) will automatically be invited to defend her/their title (must meet age requirement).
The player with the highest combined score in the Puzzle Solving, Blitz and Rapid will also receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend TTU (equivalent to $36,000 for an out of state student).
The scholarship must begin the following year. A one game playoff (G/5) will be held in the case of a tie for the TTU scholarship. The New Polgar Committee’s goal is to have all 50 states (including two representatives for California and two for Texas) and the District of Columbia represented. We strongly encourage each state and the District of Columbia affiliate to hold a scholastic championship tournament to determine each state’s champion and representative. Failing this, rating criteria may be acceptable. A scholastic girls’ champion or the highest rated girls’ scholastic player in a state who has no state affiliate of the USCF should contact the Polgar Committee as soon as possible (

Special Invitation: All past participants of the SPNI (Susan Polgar National Invitational 2004-2009) are invited to participate in the 2010 SPGI. The idea is to have the past participants learn my method of training so they can go back home and share their knowledge with the younger players. However, registration MUST be made no later than June 15, 2010 since space is limited.
Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee ( and its members may elect to award wild cards each year for the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational. Special qualifying events: The Polgar Committee will award automatic qualifying spots to the reigning winners in each section of the annual Susan Polgar National Open for Girls (Arizona) and the annual Susan Polgar World Open for Girls (Las Vegas).
Contact info:
The Susan Polgar Foundation can be contacted at 806-742-7742 or through (email).
NOTICE TO ALL STATE OFFICIALS: Please send the nomination from your state to the Polgar Committee (
For information and rates to stay and/or dine on TTU’s campus, please send an email to
Daily tentative schedule (All players will have a chance to work together as well as separately based on ratings):
Sunday, July 25
1:00 pm: Opening Ceremony
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Start of training

Monday, July 26
9 am – 12 pm: Morning Training
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Afternoon Training
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm: Puzzle Solving Championship and Bughouse
Tuesday, July 27
9 am – 12 pm: Morning Training
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Afternoon Training
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm: Blitz Championship

Wednesday, July 28
9 am – 12 pm: Morning Training
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Afternoon Training
6:00 pm: Special fun activities (TBA)
Thursday, July 29
9 am – 12 pm: Morning Training
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Tournament round 1
2:45 pm – 3:45 pm: Tournament round 2
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Tournament round 3
6:00 pm: Special fun activities (TBA)

Friday, July 30
9 am – 10 am: Tournament round 4
10:15 am – 11:15 am: Tournament round 5
11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Tournament round 6
1:30 pm: Closing ceremony

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Anonymous said...
This is exciting.
Monday, April 5, 2010 5:40:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...
This is exciting.
Monday, April 5, 2010 5:41:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...
I hope the new format is very successful! Susan, you and the SPGI are better off without the USCF.
Monday, April 5, 2010 7:25:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...
Thank you for doing this for the girls.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 1:00:00 AM CDT

Anonymous said...
Are the girls from last year's SPNI automatically invited? Even if their state already has another representative?
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 3:56:00 PM CDT

Blog Admin said...
Yes, all past players are invited to the training. However, there will be separate tournaments and prizes.Best wishes,Susan Polgar
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 4:20:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...
By separate tournaments, do you mean last year's SPNI girls will play in a different tournament (at the end) and are not eligible for prizes? Thank you.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 4:26:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...
She just said separate prizes. She didn't say no prizes. Therefore, one has to understand that there are separate prizes for the qualifiers this year and past players.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 4:35:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...
Hi, Susan. I was thinking about letting my 17 year old daughter go alone. Will she be able to live at the Texas Tech? How much is the cost of living and eating there? Many thanks.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 4:56:00 PM CDT

Blog Admin said...
Most girls will travel alone. As long as you provide us with your daughter's schedule, she will be picked up at the airport by one of SPICE's staff members to Texas Tech (dorm). One of us will then check her in. The (tentative) cost right now is $28 per person per night in a double room (sharing with another girl) and $25 per person per day for all 3 meals (all taxes are including in the $28 and $25). If she has friends from previous years she wants to room with, we can do place them together. They will have fun and learn a lot of chess.Best wishes,Susan PolgarPS. Yes, there will be separate prizes for past players so they will not compete for the same prizes as the current qualifiers.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 5:07:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...
Dear Susan,Just to clarify: If there is a representative going from a state by special invitation from previous tournament, does that mean nobody else from that state can qualify?
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 9:38:00 PM CDT

Blog Admin said...
Each state can send one official representative as in the past. Winners of the SP National Open and SP World Open in 2010 also qualify. Lastly, all past participants can also attend the training. This special invitation for past participants (who either past the age eligibility or did not qualify again this year) will probably be for this year (maybe next year) only. It will not be a regular thing.Best wishes,Susan Polgar
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 9:47:00 PM CDT

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