Friday, June 19, 2009


2007 DODGE RAM 1500
About an hour ago, I saw my family take-off on their way to Corpus Christi, Texas; the site of this years "Susan Polgar Texas Qualifier". Like I stated yesterday, someone has to stay behind and pay the bills, but honestly, as a father and chess coach, nothing honors me more than to watch my daughter getting ready to go and compete.
During this weekend, two and only two, qualifying positions are up for grabs to the "Susan Polgar Invitational", the most prestigious scholastic female tournament in the United States.
We, meaing my daughter and I, have worked extremely hard in preparation for this tournament. We were informed that Courtney Jamison and her 2000-plus rating will be attending; however, WCM Sarah Chang, Sylvia Yang, and the Xiang sisters - Evan and Ellen, will not be attending since they are members of the "Susan Polgar All-Star Team". Nevertheless, it was the intention of the Xiang sisters to compete regardless, since the prizes are two $1,000 dollar expense account to the "Susan Polgar Invitational". However, their vacation in China could not be cut short and will miss the event.
Eventhough the star cast foursome will not be attending, Claudia is ready to face any and every competitor. Her spirits were high when she left, realizing that she could build on her 118-point increase performance she had a month ago in the Texas State Championship.
This being her 8th tournament on American soil, her rating is now 1474. The goal is for her to be in the 1800's by next summer, which would allow her to recieve an invitation to represent the United States in the World Youth Championship 2010, in Greece.
But first, this weekend's tournament.

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