Friday, June 26, 2009


We have two blogs, this one you are currently reading, which just started a few weeks ago and is attempting to have the same success as our Spanish language version, which has 49,000 hits in just 10 months from 110 countries:,

Both are chess blogs that reports on everything else outside the chessboard as well as relevant news concerning WCM Claudia Munoz and her daily activities.

This morning we focused on the life of Michael Jackson, in our Spanish language blog; however, our focus was on his last remaining years.

No one can't deny that Michael Jackson was a trendsetter in the music world. We all now that he was extremely rich at the height of his popularity and that he was surrounded by beautiful women.

He leaves behind, two ex-wives and three children.

But the underlying question is this: was Michael Jackson ready to meet his creator at the end of his life?

This question is not a disrespectful one, on the contrary, seven weeks ago my mother passed away after having complications relating to a severe stroke that left her in a terminal state for thirty days.

My mother was a Godly woman who had given her heart to Jesus Christ in her mid 30's. She later pursued missionary work after my father's death and in her eldery years she faitfully maintained her faith in Jesus Christ.

When the stroke came, she wanted to be disconnected from any machine in order to be with the Lord. Therefore, my question is valid because whether we want to accept it or not, one day we also will pass away.

The question is, will we be ready?

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