Monday, June 15, 2009


These are a series of interviews that we will be posting everyday in order to provide our readers with an in-depth understanding of who this 11-year old, 5th grader, WCM Claudia Munoz really is and where she planning to go in the future.

Today, we will start with her beginnings:

1. How old are you and in what grade do you attend school?

First of all, hi my name is Claudia Munoz and before I start this interview I want to thank God for the talent of playing chess that He has given me. I also want to thank my parents for supporting me in chess. By the way, I am 11-years old and a 5th grader.

2. Do you always have the habit of thanking God before an interview?

Yes, because He has given me a talent and I always thank Him for doing so.

3. Where do you live and where do you go to school?

I live in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, which is the border city with Del Rio, Texas and I am homeschooled but not Mexican homeschooled but rather American homeschooled. Our educational program is from the United States and my homeschooling is in English. I take the same classes that a 5th grader in Texas studies.

4. What language do you primarily speak at home?

English. I had to learn Spanish when we arrived in Mexico. I have also been studying French with my father.

5. What do your parents do for a living in Mexico?

My parents own a foreign language center that provides educational service for American companies in Acuña.

6. Where were you born?

In Wichita Falls, Texas.

7. How old were you when you moved from Texas to Mexico?

I was 5-years old.

8. Do you go often to visit the U.S.?

Yes, every Thursday because we joined our home school network to meet my Physical Education requirements, then we to go to the Valverde County library.

9. How about deep in the U.S.?

Numerous times during the year. I go to Bible camp in the summers in Byers, Texas. I also spend about one month out of the twelve visiting family in Wichita Falls, Texas, besides playing in tournaments in Texas.

10. Where did you learn how to play chess?

In Acuña, Mexico.

11. How taught you how to play chess?

My father.

12. How old were you?

I was 6-years old.

13. How long before you started competing after you learned?

A few months after I learned.

Tomorrow we will continue with a longer series of questions.

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