Thursday, June 11, 2009


written by Abed
Pardon my french but RACISM SUCKS!
You won't see me expressing myself in this blog like this a lot, but man, enough is enough!
We have been victims of racism, actually my daughter WCM Claudia Munoz has since she was 7-years old and it has been related to chess.
That's right! Chess politics, for more information read the "ABOUT ME" section where Claudia explains it better.
However, all this is nothing compared with the act of the madman that went on a rampage in the Holocaust Museum yesterday.
It boils me to know that children were stripped of their innocence by having to witness a situation that was not for them to know at this time.
It boils me to know that a madman attacked a not only a Jewish symbol but a reminder to humanity of what our species is able to due through the hatred of man such as Hitler.
Racism kills and if you are a racist their is a God that you will have to give an account to, whether you believe in Him or not.
I said my peace.
Mass. students describe scene at Holocaust Museum shooting

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Boston, Mass.) - The man police said shot and killed a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. remained in critical condition on Thursday morning.
James Von Brunn, 88, allegedly killed security guard Stephen Johns and shot another.

Massachusetts students from both Danvers and Swampscott were in the U.S. Holocaust Museum at the time of the shooting.

Denise Willis got the call from her son Cody. She knew he was on a field trip in Washington DC, but even when she saw reports on the news of the shooting-it did not click until the phone rang.
"I asked him if he was ok. He said he was a little freaked out it was just very scary as a parent," Willis said.
Denise put Cody on the phone, so that NECN could ask him to describe the scene at the museum.

"We walked in the Holocaust museum and then we went down some stairs and around the corner, and we were just about to enter an elevator to go up to the third floor, because we were in the basement. But we heard like gunshots so everyone panicked and we ran," Cody said.

Cody went on to describe the panic as essentially orderly, but he was clearly afraid.

"Did you hear the gunshots?"
"Yeah, I heard them. They were really loud because we were like legit, like around the corner," Cody said.

In fact, hundreds of students from schools in the Boston area including the Danvers Holten Richmond Middle School and Swampscott eighth graders were on overnight field trips to Washington this week.
Sandy Tenant's wife, Cindy, went along as a chaperone for Swampscott kids. She called him immediately.

"She said some of the students were pretty shook up and were calling their parents," Tenant said. "And it is a traumatic thing, you hear gun fire and the security people led them out a side door over a highway and into a field in the middle of a field trip."
Cody Allen's grandmother was one of those getting the phone call. She looked at her cell phone and saw Cody had been calling over and over.

"I saw four missed calls. I called him and he goes 'Where were you?' He was almost in tears and I went 'Oh my God, what is the matter?' And he said 'Don't you have the news on?' and I said 'no.' And then he told me what happened. He said there was a shooting and we were in the building when it happened around the corner."

All of this of course very upsetting for Cody's mother, Denise, who had been following his trip on the school's itinerary.

"It just goes to show you are not really safe anywhere," Denise said.

Cody had actually been reluctant to take the trip, but his grandmother gave him words of encouragement.

"He didn't want to go the last minute and I said 'Oh, you'll have a ball -- you will remember this trip for the rest of your life.' Well, let me tell -- you after today I think he will."

Students will begin returning on Thursday, with the latest batch coming back on Friday evening.

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