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Her name was Johanna Ganthaler and she missed the doomed Air France flight 447 from Brazil to France only to die last week in a car accident in Austria.
Cold chills ran through my body when I read this story. For a minute I sat down and pondered about what I had just read.
I imagined Johanna standing perplexed, freaked-out, and emotionally shocked in the Brazilian airport after having missed her flight to France, only to hear that it disappeared from radar and probably went down in the vast Atlantic waters.
Johanna was retired along with her husband and without a care in the world, they took a flight to Europe the day after she missed flight 447.
That in itself was a red sign.
The Ganthaler couple should not have traveled to Europe while the authorities were still searching for other plane. This should have been a warning that something was wrong, that Divine Providence did not want them to go to Europe.
But they ignored the signs.
Bullheaded, the Ganthaler couple proceeded to enjoy their retirement and off they went to Austria.
Last week, the couple while driving on an Austrian road had an unfortunate accident - Johanna died. Her husband is still hospitalized.
I hate saying it but this incident has a direct correlation with the movie "THE FINAL DESTINATION", which is based on a group of teenagers that got off an airplane that exploded in the sky minutes after take-off.
However, death was not to be cheated, in the movie, and eventually each one met their death.
Well, let's flip the Ganthaler case around.
Maybe they confidently boarded a flight out of Brazil, the following day after the doomed Air France flight 447 had crashed, because they were spiritually confident that if something ever happened to them - they were ready.
It seems to me that they were not running away from but running to live a life free from worry. Maybe they felt that if something happened to them, their heart was in the right place.
I am inclined to believe that the Ganthaler couple were ready for their FINAL DESTINATION.
Would you take-off to Europe the day after the plane you were supposed to board crashed into the ocean?
Let's see what happens to the other "would be passangers" that missed that tragic flight.
We'll keep you informed.
Here is the link to Johanna Ganthaler's death:

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